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The association is guaranteed by Richmond and has branches in excess of 75 countries. It conveys around 200000 watches in a year. The proposal of these watches is high in the European locale, especially Italy, France and Spain. The association acknowledges a fine reputation for its pervasive quality watches and shocking craftsmanship. Since a long time ago, Baume and Mercier have been known for making top quality watches and have passed on the forte of fine horology from forever. The world class watches from Baume and Mercier Watches are the pride of Swiss Watch making industry and the image for some various associations. In the plentiful collection of watches, you can find both stunningly essential watches and refined watches, which are suitable to be worn on any occasions, be it a remarkable limit or general agreeable excursion.


Baume and Mercier have momentous data and vast authority in making ladies watches. These watches increase the refined intrigue in the ladies and go about as driving forces to build their sentiment of style. Their rich structures and inconceivable quality go about as benchmarks for the watch making industry. The extent of ladies watches from Baume and Mercier consolidate a number magnificent groupings. The Linea Collection from Baume and Mercier Watches for ladies is a complete picture of genteel maxi. These watches are known for their solidified steel ties and round dials. They are depicted by dong ho onlypianos chronographsand see about Chopard. They have antiglare sapphire valuable stones and triple falling catch. These luxury watches are painstakingly organized and are available in different dial tints, for instance, mother of pearl and silver dials. The model pieces under the Hampton variety are pride for present day women.

These embellishments perceive to the never-ending style of a woman. These watches have square dials and the ties can be both calfskin and metal. There are three groupings of these magnificent watches known as Hampton New, Hampton Classic and Hampton Square. Another watch course of action from the Baume and Mercier Watches is the Riviera Collection. This arrangement is relegated by its stand-out and imaginative look. The most alluring segment of this watch is that it has 12 terminations for 12 hours of the clock. The lashes of these watches are made with solidified steel or tempered steel with 18k gold, versatile or vulcanized flexible. They have triple crumbling affixes and are water safe up to 50m. The stylish watches from the Diamante Collection are striking and have a strong style enunciation on the onlookers. These watches are depicted by square dials and may have cowhide or tempered steel ties.